The importance of creativity for health and wellbeing 


What is creativity? It’s a set of defined skills, an attitude to life, the desire and capability to have original, meaningful ideas that often cross over disciplines and connect information that had previously been disparate.


It is indeed a crucial ingredient of being human, leading to growth, evolution and progress at individual and tribal level. 

So it isn’t surprising that there’s increasing evidence for the importance of nourishing our natural creativity, so that it can help build and protect wellbeing and speed up recovery from illness. 

How would learning and applying creativity achieve this? 

When we think about keeping ourselves well, there are many skills involved in this. Here are just some: 

  • Feeling able to cope with stress
    Learning new skills allows us to build awareness and resilience

  • Finding creative solutions to problems
    Exercising regions of our cerebellum that may not have been engaged for some time

  • Finding ways to be mindful, to relax and enjoy the moment
    It is necessary to take stock of the present, to live it and not concern ourselves about what has been, or what is to come

  • Feeling confident and trusting in ourselves
    To realise that you have climbed an internal mountain, and perhaps exorcised some demons that had been planted long ago

  • Finding meaning in the world around us
    An appreciation of what we have and how to see things differently

  • Knowing who we are
    The internal knowledge that you have dispelled some myths and the joy of knowing you can achieve more than you realised

  • Having hopes and goals in life, feeling useful
    People who are close to you will be marvelling in the new ways that you can express yourself


Developing our creative potential can support all these skill areas. 


Like all skills, creativity needs nourishing and exercising. The creative muscle is no different to our other muscles, and will respond well to specifically designed, strengthening creative exercises.

At Seasons Art Class, we have established a fool-proof curriculum that navigates the beginnings of creative activity. These are carefully developed and well-tested courses that target individual growth and confidence building.