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Art Is Good For The Soul.


There is now a worldwide acknowledgement that taking time out to learn new skills, focus and contemplate while being in a supportive environment is vital for wellbeing - Art classes are recognised as ideal past-times and at the forefront of this healthier life choice.

As documented recently, it’s all to do with living a more satisfying and well balanced lifestyle that aids longevity as well as life satisfaction and stimulating healthy mental agility.

Developing our creative potential can support all these skill areas. 


Like all skills, creativity needs nourishing and exercising. The creative muscle is no different to our other muscles, and will respond well to specifically designed, strengthening creative exercises.

We have established a fool-proof curriculum that navigates the beginnings of creative activity. These are carefully developed and well-tested courses that target individual growth and confidence building. 

The importance of creativity for health and wellbeing 


What is creativity? It’s a set of defined skills, an attitude to life, the desire and capability to have original, meaningful ideas that often cross over disciplines and connect information that had previously been disparate.


It is indeed a crucial ingredient of being human, leading to growth, evolution and progress at individual and tribal level. 

So it isn’t surprising that there’s increasing evidence for the importance of nourishing our natural creativity, so that it can help build and protect wellbeing and speed up recovery from illness. 

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