Curriculum Plum - Total pack for all levels

Curriculum Plum - Total pack for all levels


This pack accomodates both Beginner foundation and 3 levels for returning students through to advanced - it is a hyper powered learning pack guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of students.

There is no need to purchase Foundation Packs to supplement as this is all contained in one.

After discount, this pack works out at $0.25 (ex GST) per double-sided sheet.

Please Note: This is for a pack of 10, shrink-wrapped curriculum.

If you have under 10 students for your next course, just order 1 pack, thereafter...

  • 11-20 = 2 packs
  • 21-30 = 3 packs
  • 31-40 = 4 packs
  • 41-50 = 5 packs
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