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We incorporate a happy, relaxed feel to our friendly, fun, easy step by step lessons, providing not just a high level of tuition to help develop potential artists, but a bubbly social gathering that all our students look forward to attending.

For branch managers use only

Please Note: This is for a pack of 10, shrink-wrapped curriculum.

This is to allow for a returners extension from the beginners course (continues with pencil sketching exercise), thi is intended to replace the sketch module of an advanced course to allow coninuity - to be used at dicretion of the Tutor

If you have under 10 returners for your next course, just order 1 pack, thereafter...

  • 11-20 = 2 packs
  • 21-30 = 3 packs
  • 31-40 = 4 packs
  • 41-50 = 5 packs

Returners Curriculum - (Sketch Module) - 10 Pack