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Have the best fun ever and create the art you've always wanted to with your supportive tutor and friends.

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Because of COVID-19, we're adding safe to that environment too. Bringing you together safely is our core mission from now on.

What are we doing to ensure your safety?

  • Seasons Art Classes is taking the appropriate measures to ensure your safety at all of our events. 

  • We work closely with all of our venue providers to ensure that they are abiding by the rules and regulations set out by the New Zealand government & Ministry of Health.

  • All of our venue providers will have contact tracing measures in place at their venues, and we will be actively also be displaying our QR code and tracing information in a measure to ensure that appropriate contract tracing measures can be taken if needed.

  • We will be reducing the size of our classes down in response to the government's restrictions for groups for each level - this varies by venue and is dependent on the venues space and capacity requirements

  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home & get tested.


  • We will work closely with our venues to ensure that our assigned area has been cleaned and prepared correctly in anticipation for our class

  • All tools and art supplies are cleaned and sanitised after each daily session 

  • We will provide a QR code at reception/entry to aid in contact tracing measures.

  • You’ll be seated in accordance with the guidelines for the appropriate Alert Level as per Governmental instructions

  • We will provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant cleaning products to give you peace of mind. In accordance with updated alert levels we will have face masks available if you have forgotten yours



  • Our artist will abide by social distancing measures and keep the required distance between your bubble and themselves where we can.

  • Our artist will actively monitor the room and all attendees must stay seated during the event.

  • If you are not actively eating or during our artists will encourage you to wear your mask



  • We will be proactively cleaning and disinfecting all of our equipment, including brushes, easels & water cups 

  • We will be unable to provide aprons for events to minimise any surface contact that may occur

  • We’ll also ensure the area where we run our classes is appropriately cleaned and disinfected.

Health and Safety Policy

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