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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy


F01:1 Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited,Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees) will comply with the current Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Regulations, NZ Standards and Approved Codes of Conduct.

F01:2 A commitment to providing health and safety induction, training and supervision for all new and existing workers.

F01:3 Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited,Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees) will take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of staff, contractors, students and visitors whilst in our venues  by complying with relevant health and safety legislation and practices.

F01:4 Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited,Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees) is committed to supporting continuous improvement in the business health and safety performance. All staff have an idividual responsibilities to follow all guidelines and indentification of any hazards while onsite. They have an obligation to familiarise themselves with, and adhere to, health and safety procedures at the class.




Engagement, Participation and Representation

1. Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited, Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees) A safety committee, which is representative of each branch within the class, will meet to review, recommend and support safety practices and processes.

2. Health and Safety Representatives will be assigned and the consultation and participation of staff in health and safety management will be encouraged, in accordance with the Health and Safety Committee’s Terms of Reference and Legislation.


Hazard Management


1. A Hazard Register is available on the Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited, and Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees) website

2. The Register provides strategies to eliminate or isolate the hazard or to minimise any effects,

if the hazard cannot be practically eliminated or isolated.

3. New hazards should be reported via email/consult to the Branch Franchise or Head office at and are dealt with immediately or as soon as is practicably possible.

4. A Register is maintained for all hazardous chemicals and Codes of Practice and Procedures are

in place to ensure compliance with the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act 1996.

Health and Safety September 2020 – 1


 Accident and Incident Management


1. Processes are in place for the accurate recording, reporting and investigation of injuries and near miss incidents. These will be analysed to investigate causes, identify patterns, and minimise or eliminate any further risk.

2. Processes are in place for the safe and early return to work of injured employees.

3. Processes are in place for the recording, reporting, investigation and support of Occupational

Overuse Syndrome or stress in the workplace.

4. In the event of a serious accident staff and students will be refered to confidential counselling

services, as appropriate.






1. Appropriate orientation, induction, training and supervision of new and existing staff will be provided.

2. Health and Safety information will be available to staff,contractors and students on the Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited, Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees) website and Venue’s code of complainet available at Season’s venues


Safe Work practices


1. All staff undertake to familiarise themselves with all safety procedures and to proactively participate in the improvement of health and safety in the Seasons Art Franchisee NZ Limited,Seasons Art Class Branches (franchisees).

2. All staff undertake to take all practicable steps to ensure their own health and safety whilst in class, as well as the safety of their students or any visitors, and to refrain from the commission or omission of any act that may cause harm to themselves or property or any other person.

3. Staff recognise that the wearing and use of protective clothing and safety equipment provided as and where safety rules, legislation and conditions dictate, is a condition of employment.

4. Machinery, equipment, tools and chemicals will be used only for their designated purpose and in accordance with specifications.


Contractor Management


1. Effective procedures are in place for the hiring, induction and monitoring of contractors.

2. Where appropriate, Seasons Art Franchise NZ Limited or Seasons Art Class may issue a Contractor’s Code of Practice or undertake police vetting 




1. Visitors are required to sign in at venue reception and are provided with guidelines about what to do in an emergency. Emergency exits, first Aid Kit – provided to each class, Fire alarms 

Health and Safety September 2020-2


 Emergency procedures


1. Processes and plans are in place to manage emergencies which may arise, including a Traumatic Incident Response Plan Policy (TIRP) and Crisis Management Plan. These plans will be updated annually to ensure accurate contact details 

2. Regular check  of the required evacuation and lockdown processes and in accordance with the Fire Service Act 1975 and amendments and related regulations for each venue – Code of complieant .

3. Processes are in place to manage a Pandemic, including a Pandemic Response Plan.

 Health and Safety September 2020-3


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